all bitumen you buy is not suitable for road construction.

Not all bitumen you buy is suitable for road construction. Imagine purchasing bitumen suitable for insulation and/or roofing and not intended for road construction. Is the saving of 10.00 USD/MT to 20.00 USD/MT worth damaging your investment and reputation?

Those which are familiar with Iranian bitumen and have previously purchased bitumen from Iran and are satisfied we are all thankful to those suppliers as they give other wonderful suppliers the chance to also sell these said customers bitumen in the future.

Our focus is on the second type of buyer or customers which are customers who may not have received the quality which they expected or are new in the market which may need some guidance to make the best informed decision.

Why do we reiterate this point about quality and pricing over and over?

  • Continuous customer feedback about the bitumen prices they are receiving which are too low to be for road quality bitumen
  • Customer feedback about the bad experiences they have had or know someone who has dealing with low quality bitumen which are often supported with pictures or evidence
  • The continued challenge of Respectable bitumen producers, brokers, and suppliers who struggle to compete with low quality bitumen offers which are unsubstantiated in most cases while in other cases if there is bitumen of such low pricing it is generally not suitable for road construction.

We are not saying that low quality or rather off specs bitumen which are not as per ASTM standards has no place in the bitumen market. Not at all. All types of qualities are essential to exist in any market for different purposes. All we are asking bitumen enthusiasts to not consider that all bitumen are the same. It is like saying all shoes should cost the same price or that all cars should cost the same price.

Please don't ask a high quality bitumen producer to offer you the same rates of a supplier who is selling you bitumen suitable for roofing or other purposes and not necessarily road construction.

We will soon discuss our personal view of how the international inspection company(s) method of taking samples of bitumen can improve and distinguish the quality differences. One way is to take bitumen samples from the bottom of the bitumen drums as well as the top. By not doing so only the top layer of the bitumen is tested.

You can always contact us and ask our expert advise