Most of the Iranian suppliers buy bulk bitumen from refineries and do packing into steel drums. In this stage some suppliers because of their own benefit mix pure bitumen with low-quality bitumen or used oil.

These suppliers even for making more profit using refurbished used the drum for packing; this is the reason which they can offer cheap bitumen into bitumen market!

This blended, cheap bitumen cannot meet international standards and it is useless for road construction.

(Have you ever check the real market price of pure bitumen in Pasargad or Jey oil refinery official website? Pay attention to these factors on Pasargad website: 1. At this time Pasargad refinery works based on 100% T/T in advance terms 2. Check out the Barrel/Drum packing, FOB price! 3. Pasargad refinery is not responsible for THC costs!)

Sometimes offer is based on Gross weight, it means bitumen plus drum weight; then buyers are offered less bitumen than their bitumen order! In this way, the bitumen price is cheaper than Net weight basis.

Another factor which influences on Iranian bitumen prices is terms of payment. Most of the Iranian suppliers can not accept L/C because of active sanctions, for this reason, they try to give some small discount to save orders base on T/T terms of payment. Although we can accept this type of payment with the good discount if there were any interest.