STC selected drumming facilities are majorly located in the Middle East and manufacture high quality new steel drums using high quality Standardized Steel produced by well-known companies all in conformity to EN DIN standards. In these drumming facilities under the supervision of STC QC Management System and Supervision, Bitumen is packed in corrugated cold rolled steel drums. Our Bitumen is transported in drums of various dimensions and weight. Having a broad experience in transporting bitumen in drums we can advise clients on the most appropriate and suitable form of delivery customs suited for the complexity of your final destination, considering economies of transport and required quality standards to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without leakage or spillage.
We ensure appropriate and realistic consultations to our clients to ensure timely shipment and delivery of products and services to their site, to ensure that projects are not delayed to avoid idle times and project delay penalties. The Staff at STC is trained to care about efficiency, transparency and attention to detail, ensuring that each client shipment is treated with utmost priority, no matter to size.
You may contact us at all times for consultation on different drum sizes and dimensions, custom fit for your market, destination and project requirements and we ensure to have the flexibility to deliver exactly what you require.
At the current we supply using drums of:
180 Kg Drums
200 Kg Drums
240 Kg Drums
Or any custom drum weights.